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Writing in Progress

I always have a few short stories circulating among literary magazines or gathering for the next short story collection.


In the not too distant future, a new virus renders most of the male population of the world sterile. It is also lethal in many, but does not affect females. Women quickly take over as the leaders in business, politics and most aspects of life. The few men that remain fertile are sequestered and become sperm donors to maintain the human species. Most male offspring are also infected by the virus, so the number of viable and fertile males slowly declines as women seek medical solutions and restructure society to accommodate the new reality. That reality includes the use of increasing dependence on artificial intelligence, labor robots, and sexual surrogates. However, in any new reformulation of society, there are always a few rebels that continue to embrace the traditional relationships. Expected publication in late 2021.

Other Projects

I continue to edit and contribute to the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library, based in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The library contains books, documents, maps, photographs, and other materials related to the history and culture of the "Land of the Lakes," defined as an area including southeastern Oregon, northeastern California, northwestern Nevada, and southwestern Idaho. JSHL is published once a year and contains contributions from amateur and professional historians. Color photography, reproductions of maps, and a lively writing style serve the armchair enthusiast of western lore. Two recent issues are pictured here. Visit [] to view other issues and contents. The upcoming 2022 issue focuses on crime in the region, including holdups, brothels, bootlegging, and lynching.

Short Stories

My primary publishing outlet for short fiction has been the themed anthologies published annually by the Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA). Their web page provides an easy gateway to order NIWA publications which feature contributions from their members. I have been fortunate to be represented in the last five issues.


Bridges (2017).  "Redemption"

Will a ten-year old boy burn in Hell for stealing a roll of Life-Savers?


Carnival (2018).  "The Parade"

Life is like a… well, you know. (Two-page poem)


Doorways (2019). "Threshold"

A cave, a mysterious crystal, and something else lies beyond the portal.


Escape (2020). "Shroud"

Waking up is not always easy, whether asleep or in some other state.


Forbidden (2021).  "Secrets in a Drawer"

There are some secrets you don't tell your best friends about, especially not them.


The anthologies are available at Amazon and from NIWA (see the previous section, Buy the Books).


I also submit stories to various literary journals and to writing contests, hopefully awaiting for both venues to find me worthy. If rejection slips make a writer stronger, I'm on my way to a Pulitzer. In the meantime, most of my tales can be found in the two short story collections that were published in 2019 and 2020 and forthcoming ones to be published in a new collection in 2022.

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