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Writing in Progress

Dark Days, White Nights

In the Republic of Karelia, in the northwestern reaches of the Russian Federation, lies a city by a lake, Petrozavodsk. An American scholar is awarded a Fulbright fellowship to teach and conduct research at one of the regional universities during the millennial transition of 1999–2000. The novel chronicles his misadventures, cultural and social discoveries, and the romantic web he becomes entangled in during his nine-month visit. Partly based on the author's experiences and observations, the story explores the meaning of home, the consequences of cultural misunderstandings, and the psychological highs and lows of a stranger in a strange land.

      This will be the longest novel I have attempted and one of the most challenging. Based in autobiography, the task is to render the story into a smooth narrative arc while retaining observations that reveal the change of a Soviet-era economy and associated behavior into a modern European-oriented one.

SurrogaCity Requiem

This novel will be the first sequel I have attempted, a follow-up to SurrogaCity, published in 2022. It continues the story of humans and not-so-humans in the San Francisco Bay Area of 2050 and beyond. A new viral plague, a new threat to humanity, and a possible, but radical, resolution for a not-so-brave new world. Should be available by the end of 2024 or early 2025, depending on how fast the creek rises.



Would you like to see a few pages from one of these works in progress? See the Contact page to order a free sample.

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