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Contact L. Wade Powers

I enjoy hearing from readers and others who have questions, wish to offer comments, and engage in dialog about my fiction and the content of this website. I'll attempt to answer each inquiry or comment individually by return e-mail. Broader issues may result in an addition to this website. My direct e-mail address is:


The tag is from the name of the fiddler crab species I studied for my doctoral dissertation. If you've read The Party House, you know the story.


E-mail me and permit me to add you to my list and I will provide you, not too often, about news of upcoming publications. If you are within my geographic area (that is, on the planet Earth), I will inform you of upcoming appearances, book signings, perhaps a rum and tonic blast. Your e-mail will NOT be shared with anyone, including my author colleagues. I will not fill your box with frequent drivel—I prefer to spend most of my leisure time writing.


However, if you would like to receive a published short story of mine, an excerpt from one of my novels, or an excerpt from a work in progress, let me know and I will send it. If you have a genre preference, let me know (e.g., coming of age contemporary, adult contemporary, science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.). If you would like an excerpt from a particular published work, specify which. Of course, I would appreciate any feedback you care to share.

There you have it, a visit to the Planet Powers and a peek at some of the thoughts behind the books and stories I have created. I have an author page on Goodreads, under L. Wade Powers, where you can also ask questions or make comments. I would like to acknowledge the following individuals who have served as readers, critics, consultants, and inspirations: Norman King Brady Jr., Chris Castor, William "Bill" Cook, Leo Dubray, Dan Hawkes, Bill Johnson, Eva and John Lund, Gordon Ross, and Rick Steber. My wife, Alla Vichurina Powers, is my principal go-to and constant inspiration for feedback and encouragement.


Ready to blast off? Start the countdown and drop by planet Powers again. I hope to see you at a literary festival, writing conference, or book signing. Up and away!

Powers 02_RTP.jpg

Also, consider visiting the following sites:

Luminare Press
My publisher in Eugene, Oregon. A great group of people to work with. If you are interested in having your work published by a quality press with editing expertise, visit their website.


Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA)
Very supportive, especially for the self-publishing crowd. They publish an annual anthology, back issues available on


Willamette Writers
Another fantastic writing group, publisher of Timberline Review, an annual literary journal.

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