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Many authors and others (family, friends, and just about everyone on the planet Earth) have multiple social media contacts. Although I have a Facebook account for essential contacts and information, such as my writing associations, I do not wish to waste precious writing time to entertain a vacuum. However, I do enjoy hearing from readers and others who wish to ask questions, offer comments, and otherwise engage in dialog about the fiction and ideas expressed on this website. I'll try to answer each question or comment, sometimes privately, sometimes by posting on this site. Please be patient. I like fine wine, good food, great movies, hiking, travelling, and, of course reading and writing. This all takes time from emailing, but here it is:

The email name is derived from the name of the fiddler crab species I studied for my doctoral dissertation. If you've read Party House Tales, then you know the story.

Also, consider visiting the following sites:

Luminare Press
My publisher in Eugene, Oregon. A great group of people to work with.


Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA)
Very supportive, especially for the self-publishing crowd. They publish an annual anthology, back issues available on


Willamette Writers
Another fantastic writing group, publisher of Timberline Review, an annual literary journal.

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