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Testimonials And Reviews

Prepare to be amazed (and to lose some sleep!) once you start reading this collection. Powers has given us a treasure chest filled with memorable characters, fascinating plots, and gripping details. This is the stuff of life—humorous, sad, frightening, and thoughtful. My new favorite writer!                                                                                   

—William J. Cook, author of Woman in the Waves and Catch of the Day

The Party House is a rollicking good coming-of-age tale that evokes a certain place–the Texas Gulf–and a specific time–the 1970s. I had fun rambling down life's road and sitting elbow-to-elbow at the bar with a host of such colorful characters, drinking their way toward an elusive ending, an ending that is never ending at all, just a new cast to replace the old crew at The Party House. And the party never ends.


—Rick Steber, author of more than 50 books on the West, its people and culture

Powers maintains a steady flow that makes The Sagebrush Hotel Tontine is hard to set aside. Chapters flow neatly into each other, leading readers into wondering what happens next.


—Lee Juillerat, reviewer for Klamath Falls Herald and News, 4 December 2021

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