About L. Wade Powers

L. Wade Powers is the pen name for fiction written by Lawrence Wade Powers, a retired university dean and professor emeritus of natural sciences. Powers is the author of a textbook and several papers on hematology, monographs and papers on marine biology and animal behavior, and articles on history of the Pacific Northwest. His first novel, The Home, was published in 2017. A short story collection, Falling in Love and Other Misadventures, was published in 2019. Also published in 2019 was his second novel, Party House Tales.

He wrote the script for an Anders Tomlinson documentary film, Fields of Splendor, released in 2005. As Lawrence Powers, he is the author of three articles for the Oregon Online Encyclopedia and he has served as the creative nonfiction editor for Timberline Review and as a contributing editor of the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library. Powers is an active member of the Willamette Writers (WW) and the Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA). Larry lives in Eastern Oregon with a beautiful wife and a very strange cat.

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