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About L. Wade Powers

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L. Wade Powers is the pen name for fiction written by Lawrence Wade Powers, a retired academic dean and professor emeritus of natural sciences. Powers is the author of a textbook and several papers on hematology, monographs and papers on marine biology and animal behavior, and articles on the history of the Pacific Northwest, especially the Klamath Basin of Eastern Oregon. As Lawrence W. Powers, he wrote the script for an Anders Tomlinson documentary film, Fields of Splendor (2005), and three articles for Oregon Encyclopedia, an online reference website. He has served as the creative nonfiction editor for Timberline Review, and as a contributing editor for the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library. Powers is a member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA). His contributions have appeared in the last eight annual issues of the NIWA anthologies. He is currently co-authoring with Danny Hawkes a monograph on the prehistory and indigenous peoples of the Klamath Country.

I appeared as guest author on William J. Cook's blog on indie authors. It was a great opportunity to share some views on writing, to plug my latest effort, and visit online with a fellow author and friend. You can access his interviews at  Thank you, Bill.


Larry lives in Eastern Oregon with a beautiful, resourceful, and understanding wife, surrounded by four seasons of glorious nature, except for the damned midges. Woodpeckers, quail, Stellar and scrub jays. mule deer, racoons, gray foxes, and an occasional cougar are among our visitors. In addition to the writing projects reported on a preceding page, Larry continues to collect ideas and fragments of reality. He enjoys playing low stakes poker, watching hockey (Go Kraken!), collecting and viewing films from all eras, and communicating with friends and family. His most recent favorite film was the three-season television series, Under the Dome, based on Stephen King's novel. Opa!

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