Touchdown and Welcome

Welcome to my world, a planet called Powers, a land of fiction, fantasy, and a few doses of reality. Peopled by characters—set in places near and far—at times past, present and in the future—where imagination is the passport for entry. Here you will find out about what I have done, what I am doing, and a few hints of what may come.

Planet Powers was created to accomplish two essential objectives. The first is to promote my stories, short and long. How predictable is that for an author website? I hope you will consider purchasing them, either at your favorite bookstore or online at A greater desire is that you will tell others about the ones you liked. Authors thrive and fail on the basis of reputation. Although reviews and professional critiques help, it is ultimately the readers and their opinions that provide the fuel to keep the words flowing.

The second excuse for a website is to share some thoughts and experiences on reading and writing and to invite comments and feedback from you. Writing is, and has always been, a lonely business, but an author totally isolated is only writing for oneself. Painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, writers, and all of the other creators of culture require contributions to ego, pride, and self-satisfaction to stoke the creative engine. The real passion, however, is sharing in the creative enterprise—sharing with other artists and sharing with you.



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